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    I just realized I stopped updating you. Let's have a quickk update on what's happened in the last.... hmmm.... year or so? So, if you don't care, you can stop reading now.

    Alrighty. So. I fell for this guy in my band class. And I fell HARDD. He's also a year older than me (what is up with me and liking older guys?? cx) The ENTIRE second semester, we talked and stuff and in May, my friend told me that he liked me too.. So yeahh. On the last day of school, he hugged me (twice!). We talked all summer and then... it happened. On August 19, my friend told me he liked someone else and three days later, I gained enough courage to ask him and he said he only wanted to be friends. This broke me. I cried so muchh. We stopped talking for 3 months. I saw like twice in those 3 months. Now, about 8 moths later, I find out that he likes me again.... Here's the problem.....

    I met another guy. He is the ideal guy <3 I met him at a program for school on my birthday and we've been getting to know each other and we're kinda "friends with benefits" as some would call it ;) We talk every day and we pass notes and we've gone to the movies together. We're not dating and I won't date until high school. He's a year younger than me (see? I have issues with people my age cx) My feelings for the first guy are mixed. He knows about the "ideal" guy and he gets jealous. (I've seen the texts). So yeah. ;)

    Got any questions? Want details? Comment. Have a nice day lovelies. :)
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